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Tim is a featured keynoter, speaker and seminar leader at the regional and national level to major organizations such as SHRM (Society for Human Resources Management) annual conference (Top 10 rated speaker), SHRM Staffing Management Conference, SHRM Employment and Legislative Conference, HR Southwest, Local SHRM chapters, Southwest Airlines, Corporate Express, Non-Profit groups and many other professional associations and conferences across the country. His audiences say that you will "laugh and learn".
Tim offers motivational and humorous keynote presentations and seminars for business groups and conferences on a variety of topics, such as leadership, AAP compliance, handling discipline, and many others. He will customize a topic just for you and your organization.

Tim was rated in the top 10 of speakers for concurrent presentations for the SHRM Staffing Management Conference and the SHRM Annual Conference.

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 "Feeding the OFCCP Tiger:” Strategies for Defending Your Affirmative Action Plan

There have been more regulation changes and Executive Orders in the last three years than the last twenty years in Affirmative Action compliance.
Since the new regulations the OFCCP Tiger is very hungry and is stalking your information or lack of it during an audit of your Affirmative Action Plan. What are the trends in recent audits? Is steering a placement issue or compensation issue? What is the impact in pay equity enforcement? How will new Executive Orders affect your AAP? Your Affirmative Action plan is under heightened scrutiny for total compliance and the agency is pouncing on the new enforcement initiatives.

 Hold on to Your Compensation Hat: "It’s All About the Pay”

Compensation is a top priority and focal point of the Dept. of Labor including EEOC, OFCCP and numerous states who are initiating their own compensation related laws. The pay gap and identified compensation disparities is a major focus of EEOC and OFCCP investigators along with a host of new regulations, political pressure, laws and audits. "Steering” is their new investigative compensation strategy.  The interest in the pay gap has permeated society, company branding and yes Hollywood. This presentation will set the stage for the workplace environment, trends, and strategies you should implement now if you want to hold on to your hat.

"Innergize Your TAILS of Leadership and You Will Keep Going and Going and Going…”

Do you have a Tail in your Leadership? Is your Tail high, dragging the ground or running scared? What does a Tail have to do with leadership, you might ask? This fast paced, entertaining presentation will explore how our leadership impacts people and organizations. During this humorous approach to leadership, you will rediscover or discover ways to "Innergize” your leadership with a TA-DA-A-A-H-H-H! No batteries required.
"Innergize Your Employees and They Will Keep Going and Going and Going…”

Creating a motivating and energized environment with your employees and in your organization is becoming more challenging as we work in the 21st Century. So you should energize your employees and organizations by De-Energizing them.. Huh?? And Inner-Gize yourself. What? This fun filled interactive and informative session will give you strategies to Energize your employees and organization and recharge your Inner-Gy battery.

"Change...Only a Baby Likes It”

Mergers, acquisitions, downsizing, right-sizing re-engineering—By the way, what’s the name of your company today? This interactive and, yes, FUN session will explore the strategies of leading change organizationally and personally, understanding 20-60-20 and YUCK. What’s that? You will learn about YUCK and how to deal with your personal response to change, ways to help others who resist it, and ways to take positive action to involve others.

"The Affirmative Action Challenge: Are You Ready for an Audit...TODAY?"

The Department of Labor Agency, the OFCCP continues to collect record financial settlements in the millions of dollars in back pay and discrimination settlements as a result of its aggressive approach during audits of your Affirmative Action plan. This session will focus on practical tips and risk management techniques I have learned through experience and the latest updates. You will have fun during this interactive presentation to learn: What should you do before you are audited? What do you need to know about the compensation analysis? What should you do (and not do) when you receive a "Greetings, you won an audit”? Are you ready? TODAY?

"Jaws Survival Strategies for an OFCCP Shark Attack"

Just when you thought it was safe to go back in the water... the OFCCP continues to circle and attack employers.

In the last three years employers have paid over $200 million in the recovery of damages. How would your company fair during an OFCCP audit of your AAP during these economic times? Are you prepared for the attack? Come learn new techniques for handling investigations and interviews with the OFCCP and more. You'll leave with updated strategies on Affirmative Action compliance, new action plans for swimming with the sharks and ideas for keeping your organization afloat with a bigger boat.

"Innergize Your Customer Service and Customers Will Keep Coming, and Coming and Coming.”

We are all customers. We expect customer service but do we get it? Do we give it? How can we put TAILS into our service? This presentation will explore the "moment of truth” and strategies to Innergize our customer service.

"Discipline and Termination: The Movie"

To terminate or not to terminate that is the question. The discipline process is like a movie; with staging, actors, props, rehearsal, scripts and you are the star. This presentation will give you tips and strategies to direct a Broadway hit. You will learn where we go wrong, how to handle the "monkey”, how to prepare for the rehearsal and ways the discipline process and even termination will receive a standing ovation.
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