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  • "Back to Basics”    "HR Management - Employee Handbooks"
  • "Succession Planning - Lessons From Kermit the Frog"
  • "Recruiting and Hiring in the Digital Age…"
  • "The Good, the Bad & the Successful”
  • "Hiring the Best - Who Are They? I Can't Tell You"
  • "OFCCP Celebrates"
  • "The Three Pots of Gold (Your Money)"
  • "New OFCCP Directive Might 'Set Up Big Fights'"
  • "Contractors Should Heed OFCCP's Modified Tipping Point Test"
  • "OFCCP Notification Encourages a Union: Don't SPIT on your Employees"
  • "Code Blue for Health Care Industry: You May be a Federal Contractor"
  • "Basic vs. Minimum Qualifications: Applicants, Internet Applicants and Others Expressing Interest"
  • Affirmative Action Overview & OFCCP Update 2012
  • "EEO-1 Annual Report Refresher 101"
  • "Happy Thanksgiving from the OFCCP-Fall 2012"
  • HR Pros Magazine - September 2012
  • "Taming the OFCCP Tiger: Understanding the New Affirmative Action Enforcement Initiatives"
  • OFCCP Issues 2010 Census Directive - May 2013
  • "Countdown Has Begun"
  • Executive ORDER 13672 - LGBT regulations
  • "Good Faith Outreach Efforts = Building Personal Relationships: Make it Happen - NOW"
  • "Good Faith Outreach Efforts - Make it Happen - NOW"
  • HR Pro Magazine - October 2012, Part 1
  • HR Pro Magazine - October 2012, Part 2
  • "Newly Improved Vets 100A 4212: It really is better!"
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