Affirmative Action Plan Preparation-
Positive AAP Solutions that Work

Are you ready for an OFCCP Audit….TODAY?

  • Do you have the time to prepare a complex AAP that is compliant and will defend your company?

  • Do you have the time, added cost & expertise to defend and respond to an OFCCP Audit?

  • Will you be able to explain the unexplained differences in your compensation decisions?
  • Will your recruiting, hiring and out-reach withstand the aggressive scrutiny of the OFCCP?
Now more than ever, being audit ready at anytime is a critical strategic business proposition that can be costly if you are not prepared. OFCCP has an aggressive audit agenda and are armed with experts, statisticians and resources to identify non-compliance that will cost you time and money.

The Human Resources Team is ready with the "Client First" solutions:

  • AAP Preparation and Support
  • OFCCP Audit Preparedness
  • Implementation
  • Critical Statistical Analyses
  • Pay-Equity Analysis
  • Audit Support
  • Training
  • Exceptional Personal Service

Why choose The Human Resources Team?

  • We handle the minute details
  • Statistical Experts
  • Legal Expertise
  • Exceeding client expectations is the norm, not the exception
  • Over 30 years of HR management experience & HRCI Certified
  • Over 25 years of successful preparation of AAP plans and audit preparations
  • I personally review and assist you on every AAP
  • Respected in the industry and HR Profession
  • Proven track record in closing OFCCP audits
  • Practical implementation assistance, tips and resources
  • Comprehensive analysis, customized narratives, 100% technical compliant and audit ready
  • Personal one-on-one service
  • We go beyond preparation.  We believe assisting you with implementation is critical.
  • Unlimited phone support anytime
  • Additional reports & analysis to defend you & support AAP
  • Knowledge of trends, changes & breaking news
  • Minimal work and time for you and your staff
  • Quick turnaround time within 30 days
  • Customized training to educate you and your staff
  • Centrally located in Arkansas serving clients coast to coast


What is included in an all-inclusive AAP fee?
  • Resolve all data errors and inconsistencies
  • Numerous data quality tests to ensure plan accuracy
  • Calculating IWD Utilization and VETS hiring benchmark results
  • Generating data analysis reports for individuals with disabilities (IWD) and Veterans
  • Minorities & women & individuals with disabilities & Veteran Narratives customized to tell your company story
  • Workforce analysis and/or organizational profile
  • Job group analysis
  • Availability factor analysis
  • Incumbency vs. availability
  • Placement goals with statistical significance
  • Analyze goal attainment
  • Adverse impact on applicant/hires, termination and promotion/transfers, highlighting disparities
  • Compensation analysis highlighting disparities
  • Identification of problem areas
  • Implementation templates, checklist and guide
  • Sample policies & letters
  • Good faith effort resources
  • Short fall report
  • Personal implementation support
  • Unlimited phone assistance anytime
  • Several additional reports & checklists to support your plan
  • PLUS ~ preparation and submission of the OFCCP Desk Audit at no additional charge

And there’s more…..
OFCCP Audit Preparation

We don’t just support the desk audit.  We prepare, submit and will discuss the AAP with OFCCP.

Our plans have been praised by OFCCP compliance officers for technicality and thoroughness.

We will:

  • Prepare customized adverse impact analysis and other analysis to prepare for OFCCP’s potential inquiry. Prepare the OFCCP  audit submission.  We can work directly with OFCCP on your behalf.
  • We develop a strategy with you to address areas of concern in responding to the audit.
  • Unlimited phone support
  • We review and can likely predict OFCCP requests.
  • We guide and support you.
  • We will correct and minimize any negative impact of OFCCP findings.
  • We will prepare additional reports to support and defend your desk audit and AAP.
Additional audit support…
  • We will help you prepare for an on-site audit.
  • We will work with OFCCP and legal counsel before, during, and after the audit.
  • We will prepare conciliation agreement reports for submission.
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